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Slidedocs – The Answer To All Our Communication Needs.

Slidedocs – The Answer To All Our Communication Needs.

Nancy Duarte of Duarte and the books Slide:ology and Resonate has launched a new book. This time the book is in PowerPoint format and explains the need for a new form of communcation, one many companies have been using, but sadly, been using in the wrong way.

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The title of the new book is “Slidedocs – Spread Ideas With Effective Visual Documents” and it explains how we can utilise software almost everyone has – PowerPoint or Keynote – to make beautiful, visual documents that we can share via email or printed copies.

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As the introduction to the book says:

Slidedoc (n.) a visual document, developed in presentation software, that is intended to be read and referenced instead of projected

The problem with the way we use PowerPoint or Keynote today is that for the most part people think these tools are for make presentations only for projecting onto a screen, yet these tools can be used effectively to create beautiful documents that can be printed off or emailed to participants of a meeting that gives the full explanation to the subject you want to discuss without the need for projection. It is a great way to avoid the persistent problem of too much text and information that leads to boring, very boring, presentations.

By making full use of slidedocs, you can then create presentations that only highlight the key information and we can all start using our communication tools as they were originally intended.

You can download your free copy here as well as some sample templates.

I hope this is the start of a revolution in companies to get people to use the best form of communication for each situation and to put an end to boring, over texted presentations.

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